Your Journey Begins Here

What will it cost?

This plan is half the cost and delivers 70% of the space of the 2010 plan.
Your cost is based on average taxable value of $110,000 and is $83.00 per year or $7.00 per month.
The bond is for 20 years and can only be used to build, update, and equip the Village Library. There will be NO increase in the operating millage.
Do you want to know what the dollar value is for using Cromaine Library's materials and services? Take a look at our Library Use Value Calculator.
Why do I have to pay for this?
This chart shows that taxpayers of the district, (which matches Hartland Consolidated Schools' boundaries,) are over 90% of the revenue. No appropriations are made by the six townships served - Brighton, Deerfield, Genoa, Hartland, Oceola, Tyrone. Capital improvements are an investment in the community's future by its residents.