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What needs to be updated?

Cromaine’s all-building air conditioning went out summer 2013. This will be replaced with a higher efficiency system, along with updated technology for air handling and delivery. Geothermal energy is planned. A total systems approach to the heating and cooling to ensure energy efficient delivery will replace the band-aid approach taken piecemeal over the last several years. The roof of the 1980 building, now nearly 35 years old (when roofs typically are replaced at 20 years), will be replaced. Windows, no longer seated or sealed and not efficient, will be replaced. The building will add fire suppression, now only in egress corridors. Rebuilding the parking lot on the north from substrate up is included. Building foundation repair and building brick veneer repair is needed. Handicapped access, long needed for the 1927 end of the building will be provided. This is in addition to fixing the problems caused when user groups, such as teens and preschoolers, have to share space and there isn’t enough space. In truth, there’s no quiet space when there’s not enough space.