Your Journey Begins Here


1. Please search the Cromaine catalog online Find Books and More. Cromaine is committed to providing what you want to find in your library. If it's new (less than a year old), we're more likely to have it, and other libraries are unlikely to lend it.  Please search Cromaine first.

2. Not there? Ask Cromaine to purchase the item. Complete the I_Want form here. If we don't purchase it, we'll place the request at an even faster local library for you. You will receive the item more quickly than using MeLCat and it will cost Cromaine less to obtain it.
3. If you still want to use MeLCat--
  • You must have an up-to-date Cromaine library card in good standing.
  • (Reciprocal borrowing privileges are not allowed in MeLCat. You must use your home library, if they are a MeLCat participant.) •Use the Search MelCat function.
  • Follow the steps in MelCat.
  • When available, the item will be delivered to you at Cromaine.
  • If you use an e-mail address for notification, please check it regularly when waiting for a request from MelCat to arrive.
  • To renew a MelCat item, wait until within seven days of the due date, then log in to MyMel, your MelCat account. One renewal is usually allowed.
  • Your MeLCat records will not show in your Cromaine record, unless you have an outstanding, unreturned, and unpaid-for item.
  • Return the item promptly to Cromaine when it is due. Abuse of MelCat loans will result in termination of MelCat (and Cromaine) borrowing privileges.

Each item borrowed from MelCat costs Cromaine up to $15 to obtain for you in staff labor, statewide delivery, and packaging. We must reduce these costs, but we want to continue MelCat's availibility for the items we cannot find to purchase.

Every week, five to 15 items which have been borrowed from MelCat and delivered to Cromaine for you, are not picked up. That's a significant waste of your local tax dollars. If Cromaine cannot purchase the item, there may be another less costly, local library not in MelCat, that will work--and waste fewer dollars when not picked up.

MelCat participating libraries must serve their home libraries first. That means you may wait even longer for items that Cromaine already has or will purchase more quickly than you'll be able to get through MelCat. This will get worse due to library budget cuts all over the state. Cromaine is committed to delivering what you want as fast as we can get it to you.

Most Cromaine items (unless Books in Demand or on hold for another patron) can be renewed repeatedly--giving you as much as 12 weeks for a book, for example. MelCat limits renewals.