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Village Location

From East: Follow M-59 (Highland Road) west to Hartland Road (just before US-23). Turn right and go north for approximately 2 miles. After you pass the school, you will go through 2 Stop signs. Cromaine is on the right with the parking lot at the bottom of the hill across from the cemetery.


The Cromaine District Library has served the residents of the Hartland Consolidated School district and surrounding townships since it was built in 1927. It was donated to the schools by J. Robert Crouse and his uncle, Henry A. Tremaine, as the result of a $5,000.00 bequest from John B. Crouse, father of J. Robert Crouse. Tremaine and Crouse added $ 20,000.00 to the bequest to erect the Library which was named in honor of its donors.