Your Journey Begins Here

Vision and Plan


The Place to Connect to

Learn – technology, online education, new interests

Enjoy – discovery, enrichment, cultural and leisure activities

People – expertise, gatherings and groups, friends, legacy

Shared Values

Investing in Future Generations.
We believe in learning, discovery, and exploration and provide resources for children of all ages.

Friendly and Welcoming for All.
We believe all are welcome here and greet each as our friend inside the library and in the community. The historic motto of the Hartland Area Project, “A Friendly Association for Community Service” continues to inspire us.

Community Connection.
We believe our physical and virtual spaces as well as our offerings outside these spaces connect the members of our community and foster valuable relationships.


Plan Goals

Four short-term goals with objectives, measures, and outcomes are defined. Three long-term goals are also defined, but without objectives at this time.

We welcome community participation in the achievement of these goals.