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Computer Help at the Village!

Get your computer questions answered by experienced computer volunteers at Cromaine in the Village. 

Struggling with the difference between Office 2003 and 2007? Not sure how to get your software installed? Have new software your child's been told to use and you don't know it either? Want to do formulas in Excel but can't remember and "Help" doesn't make sense?  Free Computer Help is available at Cromaine!
Computer Help is available at the Village:
Tuesdays: 3-5pm

Michigan Works Share Network Access Point - Village!


Cromaine is a Michigan Works! Access site - let your friends and neighbors in the Hartland area know that they don't have to drive to the other side of the county, but only need to visit Cromaine Library in the Village for assistance with their job search, those who want a better job and those who are in career transition!


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Wireless Network Security Hole

A new Firefox plug-in, Firesheep, makes it very quick and easy to examine and use unencrypted data sent over any open wireless network. This makes it a simple matter for hackers to access Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Flickr, some email sites and other non-encrypted websites as if he or she were the account-holder.

The Firesheep plug-in will allow full access to any site users log into that does not have "https://" at the beginning of its web address. The "s" in "https://" means the site has been secured and encrypted with a Secure Socket Layer certificate (SSL.)