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Adult Services

Computer Help at the Village!

Get your computer questions answered by experienced computer volunteers or library staff at Cromaine in the Village.

Struggling with the difference between Office 2003 and 2007? Not sure how to get your software installed? Have new software your child's been told to use and you don't know it either? Want to set up an email or social media account but their "Help" doesn't make sense?  Free Computer Help is available at Cromaine! Call 810-632-5200 today to set up your appointment.

You can also check out for additional resources.

TechBoomers offers free videos and article tutorials on how to use popular websites like Netflix, Amazon and Gmail as well as social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Especially geared towards baby boomer and senior learners. Visit the Adult Services webpage or see a librarian to start exploring.

Read Detroit Newspapers Online Editions!

The Detroit News and Free Press

Please read both of our Detroit newspapers online - they are available 24 hours a day at the below addresses.  Printed copies of both newspapers are available on Sunday, Thursday and Friday at both the Village and Crossroads.

Read the Detroit News Online: to review the new online edition that resembles the printed version.

Read the Free Press online at: to review the new online edition that resembles the printed version.